Have You Heard? We're Online!
Attend LIVE class sessions from the comfort of home. Missed a class? We've got you covered! Our online resources and class recordings will help you get back on track. At International College, our highly trained instructors have the skills and expertise necessary to prepare students to meet the increasingly high demand for technical knowledge in the workforce. Whether it’s core office applications, graphic design, or money management, International College has the latest software and technology you need to train for success!
Our Story
International College was founded in 1993 by Rogelio Gomez. Mr. Gomez envisioned a learning institution where students could further their education and acquire valuable training without the obstacles presented by the traditional college system. International College was founded on the belief that education, ethics, professionalism, and skilled training are the cornerstones of a successful future.
Train for Success with Us!
At International College, we hold our educational programs to a high standard. Our goal is to educate and train our students for success with diligence and integrity. We equip our students with knowledge and skills that are in demand. We accomplish this by providing a supportive environment that enhances learning. We strive to instill a positive attitude and a strong sense of professionalism in every student as they work towards achieving their goals.
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