Graphic Design Online
In the Graphic Design course, students will receive entry level instruction in three core Adobe creative applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. The primary goal of the Graphic Design course is to prepare students for success in the ever-evolving field of print and digital media. Students will learn how to correct and enhance digital images in Adobe Photoshop, work with vector graphics and create logos in Adobe Illustrator, and create traditional print design templates and edit layouts in Adobe InDesign. Instruction is delivered live by a qualified instructor in a Windows environment. 
Computer Operation and Applications Online
This course introduces students to the rapidly advancing world of computer hardware and software. This course is designed to help students acquire the keys that open the doors to computer literacy. During the course, students will focus on keyboard and mouse skills, app basics, web browsing and internet safety, creating and managing files, email, and basic computer maintenance. Additionally, students will learn about the Windows operating system, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Instruction is delivered live online by a qualified instructor in a Windows environment.
Small Business Bookkeeping Online
In this course, students will learn the fundamental skills associated with effective bookkeeping. Students will gain working knowledge of the QuickBooks software and learn vital business and accounting principles. Students will learn to work with a general ledger, assets, liabilities, equity accounts, balance sheets, and income statements. They will also learn how to manage bills and invoices, reconcile credit card accounts, and provide financial statements for tax preparation. Instruction is delivered live online by a qualified instructor in a Windows environment. 
Legal Secretary Program Online
The Legal Secretary program prepares students for the LPI California Certified Legal Secretary Exam and the legal secretary profession. Students will learn about the litigation process, law office administration, as well as legal ethics. Students will also learn the hands-on computer skills required for preparing legal documents using industry-leading software. Instruction is delivered live online by a qualified instructor in a Windows environment.
Cake Decoration Online
In this creative course, students will learn how to use professional cake decorating tools through live demonstrations. Students will learn essential skills including preparing ingredients and baking, applying icing and fondant, layering, and airbrushing. Students will also learn how to decorate cakes for a variety of seasonal and special occasions including weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Instruction is delivered live online by a qualified instructor.
IT Support Technician
The IT Support Technician Program prepares students for success in the in-demand field of IT Support. Students will receive fundamental knowledge of today’s core technologies and information systems. Students will learn the skills needed to perform vital IT Support procedures such as software installation, connecting devices, using the cloud and troubleshooting.
Medical Billing & Coding
In this course, students will be prepared for a career in the rapidly advancing field of Medical Billing and Coding. Students will learn important concepts and terminology associated with medical coding including CPT and ICD-10-CM. In addition, students will gain fundamental knowledge of the health care system including medical record keeping, health insurance and health care standards. 
Floral Design
This program provides students with in-depth instruction and hands-on training in creating professional floral arrangements for everyday and special occasions. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of flower sourcing, flower care, and designing with fresh foliage. Topics include: the business of floral design; bridal flowers, bouquets and corsages; sympathy floral arrangements; and creating other contemporary designs.
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